China: Small angle, wide view – The world of Wang Anyi

Focusing on the everyday people living in the margin of the metropolis, writer Wang Anyi pays tribute to the country and its huge social transformation, cutting only a slice from the hustle of city life: China Daily

Wang AnyiIn a quiet corner in the heart of downtown Shanghai, a handsome young man with a stutter reaches a tacit friendship with an elderly button-shop owner, who finds it difficult to speak long sentences after a stroke and has opened the shop to sustain himself and kill time.

Both struggle to get others to understand them, but they come to know each others’ hearts through simple words.

“It’s rather impossible,” the old man would say. For sentences longer than that, he would stammer. So he has developed economy in his daily speech.

“So it is yah,” the young man with a handsome face would reply, in the local Shanghai accent.

They get along peacefully until one day a pretty woman, from the country’s northeast, gets between them. She talks fast – lies, mostly – and the vulgar lady sells cheap clothes with trickery, renting a small corner in the old man’s house.

The young man has a crush on her, though she is married.

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