Pakistan: Musharraf Farooqi revives Urdu literature among children

After writing critically acclaimed novels, including the poignant Between Clay and Dust (2012), Pakistani-Canadian author Musharraf Ali Farooqi is embarking upon a new project that aims at popularising Urdu literature amongst children.

MusharrafUnder his children’s publishing house, Kitab, which he established in 2012, Farooqi launched a catalogue in December 2013 with eight books, five of which are in Urdu and three in English. The books comprise his book Tik-TikThe Master of Time and those by renowned authors Sufi Tabassum, Ghulam Abbas and Mehdi Azar Yazdi.

“I am a writer and don’t really have an avenue to make my books available to kids in Pakistan. They have been published elsewhere, such as in India and overseas,” says Farooqi. “The problem is in Pakistan; we do not have publishing as an industry.”

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