Tan Twan Eng distances himself from NLB Singapore

Tan Twan Eng-The Garden of Evening MistsHere is one more author to join the bandwagon against the book pulping decision by the NLB Singapore.

Booker Prize shortlisted writer Tan Twan Eng has written an open letter to the National Library Board of Singapore in this regard:

Hello Fellow Readers and Book-Lovers,

Sometime in 2010 the National Library Board of Singapore (‘NLB’) requested my permission to excerpt 10 pages of The Gift of Rain for an anthology the NLB was planning to publish with the editorial expertise of a panel of leading academics from Singapore and South East Asia. I was, naturally, honoured to be asked, and I gave my permission.

On July 4 2014 the NLB emailed me to tell me that the book had been published last year, and that I would be receiving a small payment. I gave the NLB my banking details and postal address (it was going to send me a copy of the book, and I was looking forward to receiving it and seeing what it looks like).

Earlier this week, the NLB decided to withdraw and pulp three books for not promoting ‘family values’.

In light of this, I have informed the NLB that I find it very difficult to give my support to the NLB’s literary projects now or in future, or to be associated with such projects. With great regret I will also be distancing myself from the anthology, which, given the calibre of the editorial team, I know will be of the highest standards. And I will be donating the cheque from the NLB to an LGBT charity.

Thank you for reading this,

(Courtesy: Sharon Bakar)

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