The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi was an inside job, claims new book

Faraz Ahmad’s effort in Rajiv Gandhi Assassination: An Inside Job? challenges previous narratives on the investigation into former PM Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, says Ushinor Majumdar in Tehelka

rajeevAhmad brings his investigative skills to decoding this mystery by offering several motives to liquidate Rajiv Gandhi that myriad groups of people may have had. According to him, the LTTE was merely the trigger that many hitmen were waiting to pull. His book, Rajiv Gandhi Assassination: An Inside Job? looks at some important aspects of the investigation.

Several earlier efforts to unravel the crime arrived at a gamut of conclusions: for instance, CBI sleuth K Ragothaman, basing himself on the information at his disposal, concluded that the then ib chief withheld evidence. This ib chief was MK Narayanan, who was later appointed special internal security adviser to former PM Manmohan Singh until the 26/11 blasts in Mumbai took a toll on that arrangement, following which Narayanan was made the governor of West Bengal.

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