June 10, 2023


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Altaf Tyrewala: On Mumbai and the decay of India’s literary culture

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Altaf Tyrewala, stylistic chameleon and satirist extraordinaire, charts the tragedies of unread books and bowdlerised language in his first collection of short fiction, writes Aditya Mani Jha: The Sunday Guardian

altafIn these very pages, circa December 2012, Sanjay Sipahimalani wrote a stirring piece called In Memory of Mumbai’s Bookshops. He said, “I miss reading a glowing review of a new novel in the morning and finding it on the shelves that very evening. I miss the manager running up to me and saying breathlessly: ‘You should check out these short stories by this writer called David Foster Wallace, he’s really very good.’ I miss scanning the new arrivals section to discover that the title I couldn’t afford in hardback was now available in paperback. I miss feeling deliciously guilty — and broke — when I went ahead and bought the unaffordable hardback.”

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