Tata Literature Live Festival: Not just for bookworms

Award-winning writers, poets and erudite panel members are synonymous with literary festivals. But there’s more to the Tata Literature Live Festival, which starts later this week. Marisha Karwa lists the events you should watch out for: dna

Just like there’s no standard ingredient for an epic piece of literature, there is no easy script for a great literary festival either. But with its intrepid baby steps, Mumbai’s very own literary event, the Tata Literature Live Festival, now in its fifth year, comes close.

The festival, which will kick-off on Thursday, October 30, has managed to make the event accessible to all kinds of readers and audiences. This is reflected in not just the talent that it draws, but also in the events that are planned. From talks and panel discussions to workshops and performances, the events are inextricably linked to literary themes, to make them attractive to a diverse set of audiences.

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