Singapore: Book Council to organise ‘Twilight Tales’

RRamachandranThis year, Singapore’s Book Council is launching an all-new literary arts initiative, titled Twilight Tales (TT). This bimonthly storytelling session for adults, will be held and hosted by friends in their cosy homes . featuring well-known writers and/or story-weavers.

“Our plan is to reach out to  more and different audiences with stories and books with TT,” R. Ramachandran, the executive director of Book Council told Kitaab.  “TT will be held once in two months in a home of friends who will host the event. The hosts will provide the refreshments and the venue – normally their homes – while the Council will organise the programme and publicise it. The hosts will also invite their friends and colleagues. The number of people would be about 30 or so.”

“It is the Book Council`s  small but targeted attempt to grow our audience for  reading and storytelling,’’ he added.

The first TT event will take place on 24 January 2015 and the guest writer will be novelist Meira Chand.