December 8, 2023


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Nothing to See Here. Move Along. Just The Uncle-ification of Urdu in India

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JavedSalim Khan has remained silent about the state of Urdu, after that Creation of Adam moment back in April when his hallowed fingers launched the site and issued a Nothing to See Here, Move Along: “Muslims find themselves safe in the country.” He does qualify it with a “They only need basic amenities, job, education, food,” which either reads as the particulars for a very good pet (“Friendly Muslim Seeks Good Home – it only needs a job, education and some food”) or the sequel to Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan. Salim Khan presents Naukri, Taleem, Roti – How Bharat Is Still Majboor. So no new work on Urdu for Salim Khan, and now no new words too.

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