Short Story: Five Things You May Discover Reading Wild Animus by Foo Sek Han

Read the story ‘Five Things You May Discover Reading Wild Animus’ by Foo Sek Han here:

Wild Animus

Sek HanFoo Sek Han is a legal professional from Kelantan residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Both his legal and creative writings have appeared in local newspapers, magazines, anthologies and legal guides. He was most recently published in “Cyberpunk: Malaysia”.

Why Sek Han wrote this story?

“Earlier this year, I heard of “Wild Animus” during an online discussion about the worst books in existence,” says Foo Sek Han. “By some form of terrible serendipity, I managed to acquire a copy in the manner depicted in this story. I do not know why I did it, presumably out of a passion for quality literature, but ​I finished the book. So I had to write this story to eject it out of my system, forever.”