India: The Jet Airways lawsuit on Josy Joseph means press must stand up for itself

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In an ironic twist of fate, Josy Joseph, the National Security Editor with The Hindu and the author of A Feast of Vultures, is all set to be served on the platter to become the feast of corporate vultures in a country that slowly arrives at the verge of losing journalistic freedom. Jet Airways and its founder-chairman Naresh Goyal have filed a civil defamation suit on Joseph, seeking damages worth Rs 1,000 crore from both Joseph and Harper Collins. Another lawsuit worth Rs 1,000 crore has been filed against Outlook India for publishing an extract of his book.

Why? Josy Joseph, in his book, wrote about the alleged links between gangster Dawood Ibrahim and Jet Airways. According to, advocate Uttam Datt, who is representing Joseph in the case, said “They are scared the allegations will hurt their reputation. But we stand by the story, we have documented proof for every claim made in the book. We have evidence to defend ourselves”.

In an interview with in August 2016, Joseph said “Every word in the book is backed by documents. I’m ready for it if there is any litigation; I think it would be a great fight to have”. Read more

Source: DailyO


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