Nuanced noir: As Indian readers devour crime fiction, desi writers are producing great stories

By Mita Kapur

“I keep seeing mentions in the press about Hari being titled ‘Namma Hero’, just like the Bengaluru metro system is ‘Namma Metro’ — something that I never expected when I wrote the first book about him. So Hari Majestic is having a far funnier time than I am having. I just work hard to keep up with his escapades from book to book,” jokes Zac O’ Yeah, creator of Hari Majestic, an everyman crime-solver who operates from the shady streets of Bengaluru’s Majestic area.

Jokes apart, his statement points out an increasing appetite for crime writing in India, a development I have noticed ever since I have been involved in the Noir Literature Festival (previously known as the Crime Writers Festival). The festival is rolling out its third edition on 27 January 2017 and we have discovered that the reading public is devouring the genre.

Hari is a symbol of the coming-of-age of Indian crime fiction in English which is finally beginning to break free of colonial trappings and finding inspiration in desi elements. We see traces of this maturation in the writing of writers like Anita Nair, Arjun Raj Gaind, Vish Dhamija, who are adding to the repertoire of this genre progressively. Read more

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