Literature: Unexpected winners, contested sequels, failed appeals

By Vikas Datta

It was a tumultuous, even controversial, time for literature in 2016 with mixed reactions to the unexpected recipients of its most prestigious prizes, the latest installment of a popular series and appeals of a host of top British and American authors ahead of major political developments in their respective countries.

The year also took its toll, with sad goodbyes to over a dozen prominent authors — from Nobel Prize winners to the first to extensively study the impact of our advancing technology on culture and society, and an indefatigable Indian woman activist for the rights of the marginalised to a reclusive American woman who achieved literary immortality with her sole work.

In a decision that earned it much praise — and much criticism — the Swedish Academy announced the Nobel Prize for Literature would go to singer-songwriter Bob Dylan “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”. Read more

Source: India New England