Ghalib was a people’s poet, that was his greatness

By Muqbil Ahmar

My grandmother was a nagging woman. During one such exchange when my grandfather, Mohammad Ghassan, was quietly sipping tea, a full-on barrage of complaints and abuse was being unleashed. The wife-loving old man — I usually marveled at his patience — looked at me, adding with a wry smile:

Har ek baat pe kahte ho tum ki tū kyā hai

Tumhīñ kaho ki ye andāz-e-guftugū kyā hai

The satire and the andāz-e-bayaan stayed with me. I could so easily visualise his helplessness and the torment. The couplet stayed with me although I didn’t know the author of the lines or their context. But whenever such a situation presented itself, I was tempted to use the lines. This is the greatness of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib. Read more

Source: DailyO