Book review: Is China an Empire? – Han Shih Toh’s take on China’s growing presence on the world stage

By Zhou Xin

Is China an Empire?

by Han Shih Toh

World Scientific

The rise of China as an economic powerhouse, and increasingly a political and military one, is one of the most important global developments in the past three decades. The way that China, a vast country ruled by a communist party, grows and deals with other countries is set to affect everyone on this planet.

Han Shi Toh’s Is China an Empire? tries to give answers, or at least clues leading to answers, to the big questions surrounding these issues. As a former business correspondent for the South China Morning Post, Toh spoke to many people who traded with China or were affected directly by China’s growing presence, and his work during this period provides a foundation for this book. Read more

Source: South China Morning Post