Beyond a ‘Colourful’ India: The Struggles of British Asian Writers

By Anjana Parikh

A debate has been raging amongst the British Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) writers for some time now.

The debate stems from their struggle to get their works published.

What is the crux of the issue? Many writers feel that publishers are afraid to market and publish their work – and that, they aren’t too aware of the fact that there’s a market for the kind of fiction these writers write.

The Fight for Diversity

Nilesh Shukla, whose debut novel Coconut Unlimited was published by Quartet Books, has been particularly vocal about the need for diversity in UK’s publishing industry.

For me, the fight for diversity in the UK publishing industry has just begun – although it existed long before.

Shukla’s novel The Good Immigrant was crowd funded by its publisher in just three days. Read more

Source: The Quint