Book Review: Experiences, encounters and flights of memory in this fine book of essays

By Bhumika Popli

flightFlights From My Terrace: The Boy in Yellow Knickers and Other Essays

by Santosh Bakaya

Publisher: Authorspress

Pages: 353

Price: Rs 595

Jaipur-based writer Santosh Bakaya, in her new book Flights From My Terrace: The Boy in Yellow Knickers and Other Essays, has penned down her experiences, encounters and flights of memory. The book is divided into three sections and comprises 58 essays connecting to different facets of her life.

In the “The Canine Sponge”, the author shares a funny memory of her beloved pet dog called Nipper. She writes, “Once at a dead of night, when the entire house was fast asleep, a burglar paid us a visit. A staunch believer in nocturnal hospitality, Nipper gave a hearty welcome, licking and hugging him, following him from room to room while he picked up a wallet here and a watch there. He shouted himself hoarse only when the burglar had made his good escape!”

Bakaya’s writing has the power to engage the reader emotionally, as later in the same chapter she describes Nipper’s death, which had a lasting impact on her. “Many a time I am jerked out of my slumber, even so many years after the horrific incident, as that mute plea of a hapless victim of insensate violence hammers away at my head.” Read more

Source: Sunday Guardian Live