Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2017: Emirati author Reem Al Kamali on the importance of Literary criticism

By Hala Khalaf

Sometimes it feel like young Emirati novelists are churning out works at record speed, more concerned about the quantity of books they get published rather than the quality of the content, according to author and columnist Reem Al Kamali.

“There are many attempts to write novels and comics and short stories among young Emiratis today,” she said during a discussion this weekend at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, about the Emirati narrative scene. It was held at Al Multaqa, a literary salon that hosts writers and intellectuals from around the world.

“These youngsters seem very rushed to release books and get published,” adds Al Kamali.

“I met a writer who said he wants to release a novel every year, and have at least six novels published before he is 40. Why? What is the point? Where is the merit? In 100 years, people will not say: ‘This guy wrote six books before the age of 40’.”  Read more

Source: The National