Book Review: Lock-Up: Jottings of an Ordinary Man

By Heena Khandelwal

lock‘Lock-Up: Jottings of an Ordinary Man’ is a first person account by a Coimbatore-based auto driver M Chandrakumar who was brutally tortured and maimed inside a prison on a ‘case of doubt’.

The incident happened about two decades ago when Chandrakumar, in his 20s, was working at a tea shop in a village in the Guntur region of Andhra Pradesh after running away from his home in Madras. Like many others, he lived alone and had found a few friends in other immigrant workers in the area. They were engaged in a series of manual jobs including driving rickshaw, working in hotels, and lugging sacks on their backs. They would sleep on street near a mosque but the movie-lovers that they were often dreamed of transforming into a hero someday. Even as their work wound up at ten in the night, they would stay up past midnight lost in conversations.

They were living an ordinary life until four of them were picked by the police in a burglary case. Read more

Source: DNA India