Call for submissions for an upcoming anthology in English of new and emerging poets

This is a call for submissions for an upcoming anthology in English of new and emerging poets (translations are welcome) to be published by Kitaab (Singapore).

The anthology, to be edited by Manik Sharma and Semeen Ali, contemplates India, 70 years since Independence, and in doing so seeks to construct a poetic map of the country. The map here refers to an idea distinctly different from the one we are used to, and feel divided by. The editors would like to clarify that this is not a symbolic, patriotic work. It merely places India in the hands of its third generation, more so as a quantity to enquire, than merely adapt to. We want to create a map, a map distinctly Indian (through smells, flavours, textures, colours etc. and not necessarily their geographies. Or, for example, identity may flow from – memories, objects, journeys, emotions, etc). No language, or culture, supersedes the other, even if majorities do. To the core of the idea here, the value of the author and his or her subject is equal.

We want to look at works that discover/re-imagine these tropes, poems that may tell us something we do not know, or something we do but consider too passé for poetry. Things that are quintessentially Indian, told through the personal or the social, through its people or the poems some of them, as part of this anthology may now write.

Eligibility criteria: 
Poets between 18- 35 years of age.

Guidelines for submissions:

Please send 3 poems for consideration. We would prefer to read unpublished works but published ones will also be looked at. Please send them along with their publication details. The editors retain all rights to select.

All queries regarding the anthology can be addressed to the email addresses mentioned. No queries will be entertained by editors through social media or other personal channels.
Acknowledgements will be sent out only on acceptance at least two to three months on from the date the submission period closes.
Please only mention your name in the body of the email. Detailed bios will be collected for those who are chosen.


Submissions open on – September 1, 2017
Last date of submission- November 15, 2017

Please email your works to both these email addresses:

Please ensure that you copy both the addresses so that your submissions are accepted. In the subject line, write: Submission for Poetry Anthology – Map Called Home