An Appeal to Kitaab’s Readers: We Need Your Support

Dear Readers,

First of all, I want to thank you for your continued support over the years. We cherish your messages, emails and advise. They guide us and encourage us immensely.

Frankly, your being by our side is our greatest strength.

As many of you might recall, we began our journey as Kitaab, which means “book” in many Asian languages, in 2005 as a space to celebrate and critique Asian writing. In the digital world, there was very little material or info available then on matters of Asian writing and writers! Google was still coming up and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were in their infancy, at least in Asia.

Since then, we have continued our journey with the single-minded mission to bridge this gap. Along the way, many writers and editors joined Team Kitaab and contributed to the cause selflessly.

Then came 2013, when we launched the revamped website, along with a publishing programme, following the same goals of connecting Asian writers.

Today, Kitaab is dedicated to connecting Asian writers with readers across the world and giving new voices an opportunity to express themselves on a credible platform. Our titles such as The Best Asian Short Stories series are a step in that direction.

Our publishing programme is free from commercial bias and not influenced by any agenda. Through a group of voluntary editors and contributors, we try to give a voice to those less heard. That’s why we have kept out platform free and open to anyone who visits us.

We have been running Kitaab free of charge since our inception, and we have resisted the urge to put our content behind a paywall! We believe that literature builds bridges, opens our hearts to others and widens our mental and emotional horizons. But given the challenges associated with running a website and a literary publishing organisation, we need your solid support.

Your support is critical for the future of our existence.

Many credible online entities such as The Guardian UK, and The and have taken the same approach–they are supported by their readers!

We are writing to you to seek your patronage so that our incredible journey continues unhindered and uninterrupted!

You can support us from as little as $2 a month! Click here to donate now!

Thanking you in advance for your kind generosity,
Zafar Anjum
Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Kitaab
on behalf of Team Kitaab

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