Poetry: Identity by Devika Mathur


Devika Mathur resides in India.  She  is a passionate writer and also a  dancer. She has published her poetry in a book called The Travesty Of Soul.

She blog at https://myvaliantsoulsblog.wordpress.com//.

Her work has been previously published in Visual Verse, Indian Periodicals, Thistle Magazine, Sick lit Mag, The Wagon Magazine and others.

Identity by Devika Mathur


For this hollow skin like metamorphosis shall evolve

the white egg-shaped lying masks

beneath the coral body, hanging and loose

like a mirror, broken and clamouring

Musical chimes colliding, deep

into the arteries of numerous colours

orange, beige, green

Incubation of oxygen reminds of molested time

we repeat the digging of marines, ragged sky

For there are outnumbered identities here,

some pale and others like a chalky dust.

Phosphorescent  threads of lime and apple

sit on my drooling lips,

counting, gazing, counting

the sustenance of such identities, the masks

or the shadows of filth and my tiny fingers

surrender to the evolution of this humanity.


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