Poetry: Singularity of the Plurality by Sandeep Kumar Mishra

sandeep kumar mishra

Sandeep Kumar Mishra is an outsider artist, poet and lecturer in English Literature. He has edited a collection of poems by various poets — Pearls (2002) and written a professional guide book — How to be (2016) and a collection of poems and art — Feel My Heart (2016).

Website – https://www.sandeepkumarmishra.com/

Blog- https://sandeepmishra551974.wordpress.com/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/sandeep551974

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/sandeep551974

Email- sandeepmishra551974@hotmail.com

Singularity of the Plurality


As the eyes blink to face the Sun

Life trembles with the lack of air,

The birth never meets the death

As immaterial wants to escape the body

One force guides the other


As the soul is muscle-bound,

Two forces work together, sometimes indifferently

But they needn’t exist at a place

The Monism nullifies our lives

As nothing that we do, ultimately survives


No progress or flaws, nothing begins or ends,

World is not like that, world is full of blind fjord,

Never finished, never the same twice

Lost as we hold, always to be regained

Perfection is a fallen fruit

Between that Meaning and the Matter


Our desire to get that supreme state

Plasters each aperture by numb ideal of

White Universal, refusing to allow Division or Dispersal

If man is an image of God, the god disintegrates

Man is man because once he was a beast


Man is crazy with resentment, he is dashed

By good hopes or bad dreams against the world,

But conscious of the joy of things and the power

Of going beyond and above the limits of time



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