Poetry: Today is a promising preview, Bettering Myself & Photoactic by Preeti Vangani



Preeti Vangani is a poet & personal essayist. Her work has been published in  BOAAT, Juked, Gulf Coast, Threepenny Review among other journals. She is the winner of the RL Poetry Award 2017 and her debut book of poems titled Mother Tongue Apologize was published in Feb 2019 (RLFPA Editions). She holds an MFA from the University of San Francisco.


(today is a promising preview)

After Lucille Clifton


today is a promising preview


the day arrives, rheum at the corner

of its eyes, then a sudden light


the morning, soap-white and silent

eager to listen to us as if we are a cackle

of a weak radio frequency


everything takes a small, definite inhale for us


the family portrait on the nightstand

the vaporizer with lemongrass

the toaster, its amber warmth


the city’s hills, their distant bends

like a friend on the other side

waving her hand at us


the ocean births infinite surfs

for one wave to reach our tired feet


the joy we cannot feel just yet

is finding its way to us.




Nights when my business

school is drunk on power

points and black market

beer, I jog by the cold Sabarmati

and catch a breath under a lamp post, plastered

with moths. I clap and stomp to see what brings

them down. I statue myself to find the heart

of their hiccup-long stillness.

I call them middle class constellations.

I call them winged insomniacs.

My life at best is a summation

of templated escape routes. My waking

dream a triangulated runway from home

to classroom to conference room.

I am the perfect brochure smile

for placements season. I tabulate

take home packages and benefit slabs.

Hallucinated by salaried kaleidoscopes

I trot along with bug like consciousness

mistaking every light for the moon.


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