Poetry: A Poem for Poets by Manish Pathania

Manish Pathanis

Manish Pathania, a software consultant by profession, has published two chapbooks on Amazon Kindle named “Poems that do not rhyme” and “Recycle Bin”
He was the winner of Juggernaut short story contest 2018.

His works has been published efictionIndia magazine, Muse India, The Hans India, Half baked books blog, and The Ancient souls.

Manish is a freelance public speaker, adventure sports enthusiast, traveler and a seasoned Toastmaster.


A Poem for Poets

The artists’ flea market
is empty.

Everyone’s selling
and no one’s buying.’

I had a dream last night
of writing this
and reciting it on a stage
in a small cafe
to a crowd of around fifty people.
Not just any crowd
but a crowd of poets,

all waiting for their turn

to perform the next viral video;

that won’t happen,
they know it,
I know it,
yet they will try,
yet I will try,
to barter poems for poems,
to sell in this flea market for artists,
where everyone is selling
and no one is buying.

I wonder if they would listen
to a single word I would recite,
because I know, I won’t listen to them
I’d probably drink the complimentary coffee
and look for the easiest girl in the crowd,
preferably a young poetess,
who has just started using her Instagram account
for sharing something
other than the candid picture of her breasts
and is probably wondering,
why people do not like her poems that much,
but how do I break to the little girl,
that in this flea market for artists,
almost everyone is probably going to die
a life of anonymity
while echoing the words,
and emotions
they subconsciously heard over the internet,
and only a few would know that it is a blessing.

“Your writing has flair,
little girl,
a vigour unread since Bukowski,”
I’d tell her.

Bukowski, somehow, always works.


Manish Pathania:

Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/Manish-Pathania/e/B012J3NW96

Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/poemsthatdonotrhyme

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/author_manishpathania/

Contact information: manish.pathania21@gmail.com

Phone number: +91-9988182104



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