A Part of Absolute

By Mudabbir Ahmad


A good part of his day would be spent waiting, which of course was not very likeable — not because he had nothing else to do, but because Time liked him very much, or so it would seem to him. That thought was disgusting; the notion that it was in fact a fact was dreadful. Time liked him so much that she stayed with him, refusing to pass and even if she did, she would stretch herself all over him, like a monstrous dragon spreading its wings, eclipsing the sun and spitting a shadow all over the ground. I am using an example from my fantasy, may be because it is easier for the human mind to conjure  fantastical elements, to explain Time. But in all honesty, and this has taken serious courage to write, Time was not a dragon to him, she was something much more terrible, much more torturous and horrible to even contemplate- she was eternal.

Time was in love with Argos. It was a bestial kind of love-savage, pure and perhaps too much to be contained in meek words that I put here. She fed off Argos, and Time was one hungry beast, gluttonous and without the slightest mercy.

This is not a love story at all, for the love that Time had for Argos was not one that sprang from affection, it came from hate — hate so strong and immense that it solidified into a rock, one with which she pounded Argos. She pounded with every single shred of her might. Each blow was struck with artful passion, each blow was free from impurities; not one had any compassion, for compassion was one thing Time had already consumed.

Time might have killed Argos, or not; no one knows for sure. They might have eventually become One — that abhorrent ugliness of a number.

This story is finished. Time flew by. She is fast.


iMG_5837Mudabbir Ahmad is a PhD scholar at the Media Education Research Center, University of Kashmir, and a freelance journalist based in Srinagar, with news reports published in Kashmir Narrator and Kashmir Life. He has also taught at the department of Journalism and Mass Communication at the state women’s college in Srinagar. His portfolio has been published in AfterImage, New York. A short fiction piece by Mudabbir also appeared in the Turkish magazine Bosphorous Review of Books.


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