How the world of Singlit glowed despite Covid- 19

The world of Singlit glowed from March 7th 2020 to March 15 th 2020 with different events to promote Singaporean literature. Adequate precautions were taken to keep the participants and visitors safe. Kitaab participated in the event aswell.

Of the sixty events planned, thirty five had to be cancelled for the COVID-19 situation. They had workshops, and book sales and most interesting of all what Singlit  is famous for — noir fiction. Here is a description of how the spoken word poet Deborah Emmanuel conducted the event.

“Visitors to the Textures literary festival, which starts this Friday, will be able to experience frightening tales at Sorta Scary Singapore Stories, an installation that uses virtual reality, 360-degree illustrations, snippets of audiobook narration and other sound effects to depict local horror stories.

The four stories featured in the installation are Daryl Qilin Yam’s novel Kappa Quartet, Catherine Lim’s short story ‘The Exhumation’, Clara Chow’s short story ‘The Wheel’ and Suffian Hakim’s novel The Minorities, upon which the Old Changi Hospital scene was based, as created by artist Jolene Tan.”

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