Kitaab TV: Top 3 Things to Help Startups Survive the Coronavoris pandemic – Sidhi Dhir, TiE Singapore

“Either you do the time or the time does to you.” (Cole Sirucek)

In this exclusive interview, Sidhi Dhir, Executive Director of TiE Singapore, talks about the unprecedented challenge that all businesses are facing today arising out of the Covid-19 crisis. Funding has dried up and startups are trying to cope with the situation by pivoting and re-inventing themselves on a week by week basis. There are three things that Sidhi mentions that all startups must pay heed to in order to survive the pandemic.

Sidhi Dhir serves as the Executive Director of TiE Singapore. TiE is a global non profit organization which aims to foster entrepreneurship. Sidhi has been instrumental is forging deep ties with government bodies, corporates, investors and founders to create a robust startup ecosystem. Her main focus has been to assist growth stage startups expand their business beyond Singapore. Sidhi’s diverse skills include sales & partnerships, board management, and product development. Prior to TiE Singapore, she was the co-founder of a cleantech e-waste auctioning platform, ran a family owned-manufacturing firm and created e-commerce solutions for the hospitality sector. Sidhi has 15+ years of experience in Technology and Startup ecosystem, across Singapore, India and Silicon Valley, She is an advisor to tech startups in growth strategy, market & capital access and to help set up their advisory board.

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