December 2, 2023


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Short Story: Sinners by Hassam Gul

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The pupils of their eyes fell into the visions of the past, and pictures emerged from the depth of a daughter and a wife as deadness soaked into the two bodies in room 84.

The celestial dance of death between the two hitmen didn’t last long. But a splinter from the assassin’s gun paralyzed Nasir’s arm, a father of a ten-year-old daughter. There was no need for him to proclaim his pain with a violent cry. His life was dependent on the mission. His target was a union leader. It was also the future of his daughter to consider. He was not willing to let it slide as his life slid into the humiliation and depravity. He couldn’t hold the gun in his hand anymore, and the body underneath him was exhausted. But the murder of the union leader was necessary. He was a blasphemer, and Nasir was given a chance, who had a belief to wipe out his old sins by targeting the blasphemer. His death was his salvation. It was a cheap bargain. He had already killed two of the men who stood in his way, and one of the killed men was Khadim, a husband and a keen artist who had been unemployed.

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