December 2, 2023


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Excerpt: A Lost Wanderer by Namrata

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An exclusive excerpt from A Lost Wanderer- Love. Live. Heal. by Namrata (Amazon KDP, 2021)


Day Zero

Dear N,

Just those few hours spent with you have given me memories I am going to come back to, time and again. Never for even a moment had it felt like we are meeting for the first time. It’s after a long time I met someone who has curiosity oozing out of her. That twinkle in your eyes as you look around is something I will remember for a long time. You seemed like a 5-year-old in a fair, such infectious energy!

Love, Iti

The breeze gently ruffled my hair as I wiped an imaginary tear clouding my vision after reading this letter for the umpteenth time. As someone who has spent a few decades on this earth, you might be aware of the quarter-life crisis which is replete with long, endless nights where except for the ticking of the clock nothing else is working. Neither your heart nor your mind! It was one such night. I was tired. No, strike that. My soul was tired. Nothing seemed right and to top it all I didn’t know how to set it right. Being in pain is a constant feeling I had. A deep elegiac feeling that refused to leave me, as if something was missing within, and strangely, I didn’t know what. Seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours with nothing productive happening. Deadlines kept whooshing past and my list of pending tasks to be done kept on increasing.

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