October 2, 2023


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Book Review: ‘What’s wrong with us Kali women?’ by Anita Nahal

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Poet and Critic Gopal Lahiri reviews Anita Nahal’s ‘What’s wrong with us Kali women?’ (Kelsey Books, August 2021) calling it a collection beyond desolation.

  • ISBN: 978-1-954353-88-6
  • Publishers: Kelsey Books, 502 South 1040 East, A-119
  • Length: Pp-90
  • Price: US $19.00

Many believe that a prose poem is a composition printed as prose which names itself poetry. In every action in life- commonplace or blissful- poetry is probably there, even in prose. ‘What’s wrong with us Kali women?’, a collection of prose poems, written by Anita Nahal, weave together the pieces of wound, anguish and struggle of the Indian women in the diaspora examining injustices and inequities against women across generations and cultures while maintaining a steady belief in humanity’s capacity for compassion and generosity. The poet draws references to Hindu Goddesses and brings their subtle messages of life home into our hearts.

Anita does not turn to the prose form as a source of comfort. The blossoming realm of narrative puts personal history in the spotlight, in poetry and prose alike as she stitches words through the eyes of an Indian American woman. Contrasts in scale-individual and historic, intimate and larger-than-life-occur throughout her writing. They are as much about endings as they are about the hope of new beginnings.

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