December 2, 2022


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Short Story: The Beauteous and the Wonderful  by Varsha Tiwary

1 min read

Varsha Tiwary’s short story takes the reader on a beautiful journey that is nothing short of homecoming in so many ways.

The thought of being cooped up with a sullen Sahil through the pandemic-scarred Canadian winter seemed unbearable. Meher booked the tickets to Delhi as soon as air travel opened. Sahil’s anger when she told him her plans was satisfying. Any reaction from him was satisfying.

‘I don’t give a shit about India. About Delhi. Isn’t  COVID  enough fun for you? Do you want malaria, pollution, congestion, riots, rapes? What exactly do you want me to see in Delhi?’

‘You last saw grandpa when you were four. We are fully vaccinated. And grandpa needs us now son.’ She replied, but he had already put on his headphones. 

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