September 29, 2023


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Essay: Avoiding Failure and Harm while becoming a Top Player in the Game by Dr. Leon Miller

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Dr. Miller’s article is insightful and, as well, offers practical advice on how to achieve one’s goal in life while avoiding failure, harm, or worse.

Knowledge of what has liberating value will free you “From the deterministic influences of outside forces – be they biological or social in nature – and hence you will become independent from the social controls that exploit both”

(Csíkszentmihályi 2008, 20-21).

The basic premise of this article is that individuals who are on top of their game will not choose a course of action that will result in failure, a self-defeating course of action, a course of action that prevents them from achieving their desired outcome, a course of action that causes dissatisfaction or disappointment, nor a course of action that causes suffering, harm, or even worst. 

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