January 31, 2023


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Short Story: A Father’s Son by Sandeep Kumar Mishra

1 min read

Sandeep Kumar Mishra’s story is a tender narrative about parenting and its impact on a child’s psyche.

The mourners were not plentiful on the day of the funeral. Charvik Sharma had not been a popular man in this life, having dedicated very little time to cultivating and maintaining relationships. Sahil, his eldest, watched the people move about in respectful silence, occasionally stopping with one of his siblings or mother to offer quiet condolences while the chanters continued through their mantras. Some made their way over to him, but he had nothing to say to them in return.

Everything was too fresh — Sahil wasn’t sure how he felt about his father’s death yet. He hadn’t even seen his father for at least ten years before now, having gone off to live with his aunt while still a boy.

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