October 1, 2023


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Book Excerpt: 28 Jobs 28 Weeks 28 States by Jubanashwa Mishra

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An exclusive excerpt from Jubanashwa Mishra’s 28 Jobs 28 Weeks 28 States (Speaking Tiger, 2022)

1. Gujarat 

Cheers to Single Malt in a ‘Dry State’! 

I was very excited. My journey would be starting the next day! I had never travelled for such a long time in one stretch; I had never knocked on random doors asking for shelter, nor had I approached unknown people asking for a job. I was prepared to sleep under the open sky, to try my hand at the most unusual jobs I could come across over the next seven months. I was completely clueless about how it would fall into place. I was excited and scared at the same time. Starting the journey from the state of Gujarat where I did my post graduate studies would, I thought, make me feel less anxious. 

I headed for Ahmedabad from Delhi. Many of my friends had offered to put me up in Ahmedabad, so I was not worried about accommodation. Shakti, one of my seniors at MICA, was one of them. He was an avid traveller who had covered many parts of India, and I was excited about discussing and brainstorming my itinerary with him. 

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