September 29, 2023


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Bookmarked Musings: The Secret Annex -The Hiding Home of Anne Frank by Jagdish Gupta

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Jagdish Gupta’s essay is a tribute to Anne Frank’s writings which were profound, and philosophical yet practical and progressive at the same time.

The best time to live life is “Now” and this is a timeless fact, despite this eclipse of Covid19 (which is a temporary phase and will certainly pass, though it is also a fact that the present age has not faced any global crisis of the level of a present pandemic), the life in the present age is much more enriching, egalitarian and easy. Due to democracy being widespread and the advancements made all around, it has become much more comfortable in recent times, especially for common people and if you are willing to work extra hard, nothing is out of bounds. Though the disparity, lack of opportunity, and hatred based on various divisions of sex, religion, and the region still exist, we thrive to move in the right direction and further reduce this gap.

Just make a move backward by 100 years in your mental time machine and see the world. World War I was just over and Influenza carried by the soldiers was on a rampage in Europe and Asia (particularly India). And if you carefully observe history, the seeds of World War II were just instilled by handing Germany a very raw deal and dealing with the common man of Germany also in a very insensitive and inhuman way by England. Hitler and his Nazi party rallied around the anguish and humiliation of German people to get popular support and inflict humanity’s worst kind of treatment and most of the suffering came to the poor Jews, the Jews who were not poor financially as they had a canny sense of business and were trustworthy in business dealing. However, Hitler portrayed them as the reason for all German ills and it couldn’t have been more cruel and plain cold-blooded manslaughter without any apparent reason.

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