January 31, 2023


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Short Story: Feels like Heaven by Sharika Nair

1 min read

Sharika Nair’s short story is a brilliant take on staunch religious beliefs and how the ultimate goal of reaching heaven after death defines logic in all our actions when alive.

Vivek Iyer was a devout Hindu man, and he had no qualms in declaring he was proud of the same. His career might have taken him into technology and software (after all, it was tough to manage a household with the meagre salary of a temple priest), but he had taken time out for scripture classes to further bolster his knowledge of the sacred texts over and above what his Thatha and Appa had taught him in his childhood. But Vivek knew being a good Hindu, especially a good Brahmin was not just a matter of birth or even learning. It was all about one’s karma and karma had to be earned over a lifetime. His interpretation of good karma was living an orthodox life, and that’s who he was, take it or leave it.

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