January 30, 2023


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Short Story: The Client by Paromita Goswami

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Paromita Goswami’s story is a captivating take on the legal system, the role of media, and how it impacts the lives of all the people involved.

Senior Advocate Mr. M. stood up from his chair as the men left his office. Through the door, he caught a glimpse of the old man dressed in a cotton shirt and trousers sitting in the hall with a cheap yellow polythene bag on his lap – the last client of the day. His friend, the editor of a well-known daily had called that morning to refer this chap and had requested him to take the case. Mr. M. wondered why his friend had insisted so much and made a mental note to find out. He rang the bell and his clerk showed the client.

“The office of a High Court lawyer is indeed much fancier than that of our district court lawyers,” observed the man in a soft raspy voice as he sat down before Mr. M across the wide mahogany table.

Mr. M. was surprised at this upfront manner. “You seem to have a lot of experience with lawyers, sir,” he said with a smile.

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