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Chetan Bhagat lacks originality? ‘One Indian Girl’ allegedly plagiarized

ChetanControversies and legal notices continue to dog best-selling author Chetan Bhagat. This time, Bhagat’s One Indian Girl, seems to be in legal trouble just six months after its release.
Anvita Bajpai, a Bengaluru-based author sued the writer, claiming that the ‘characters, places and emotional flow’ of his book had been lifted from one of her stories ‘Drawing Parallels’ from the book ‘Life, Odds & Ends’.
“I handed a copy of my book to Chetan Bhagat at the Bangalore Literature Festival in 2014 for feedback, she alleged.
Bajpai handed Bhagat a legal notice on February 22 this year, asking him to withdraw the book from stores and cough up Rs 5 lakh as damages. Bhagat responded a month later denying all allegations, which prompted Bajpai to approach a civil court in Bengaluru. Read more

India: Bangalore Literature Festival 2016: exploring sexuality in Indian literature

The Indian prudishness towards sexuality is often blamed on Victorian mores, but economist author Gurucharan Das, presently working on a fictional memoir Kama argued that the prudishness pre-dated Victorian age by many centuries. He was speaking at the Bangalore Literature Festival on Sunday.

“The beginning of Rig Veda starts with desire (kama) of the maker to create. But why did we become prudish? Like Vatsayana who wrote the Kama Sutra, there were many Kama Optimists, but early on there were the renouncers, ascetics, the Kama pessimists. We did have two parallel strands. The Kama Pessimists were threatened by desire that is uncontrollable. There was then a compromise between the two camps and the compromise was that sex was acceptable as long as it was within marriage. Then came Manu, who wrote one of the Dharma Shastras that blamed the woman for Kama, pushing us into this prudishness,” argued Gurucharan Das. He also added the creation of characters like Sita and Savitri were done to rein in the women. “If Dharma is one’s duty to another, Kama is duty to oneself,” he added. Read more

Source: The Hindu

India: Hyderabad gets ready to welcome the season of Lit Fests

Forget about the heated debates on Bob Dylan’s winning the Nobel Prize, talk about the home grown crop of writers and the literary festivals they are invited to where you get to hear linguaphiles whip prose and poetry equally, later discussed over sandwiches whose grains define the topography you hail from and which literary figure you adore.

And you don’t need to travel to the oh-so-swooning lit fests like Berlin International Literature Festival or rush to London Literature Festival. Freeze your calender for that popular JLF in the kaleidoscopic city of Jaipur or our very own Hyderabad Lit Fest held in iconic Hyderabad Public School (HPS). Or better still pack your bags to silvery beaches of Goa and soak in to the brilliant sessions of writers from across the country. The season of lit fests begins and will be on till February 2017; so make the most of it. Check out from our listings: Read more

Vikram Sampath steps down as the director of Bangalore Literature Festival

Following three Kannada writers – TK Dayanand, Airf Raja and OL Nagabhushana Swamy – boycotting the Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF) in opposition to his views against award-wapsi, Vikram Sampath has decided to step down as one of the festival directors.

In a statement, the Sahitya Akademi-winning author said that he has become a target of “personalised campaign”. This, he believes, is because of his stand against writers returning their awards as protest against intolerance…”

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Intolerance row: After writers boycott Bangalore Literature Fest, directors issue statement

The debate on intolerance in the country has now hit the Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF) as well. Kannada writer TK Dayanand and poet Arif Raja have boycotted the Bangalore Lit festival that is being held in the city on December 5 and 6.

One of the Directors of the BLF, author Vikram Sampath, had recently written an article where he stated that he was against writers returning their awards. This statement hasn’t gone down well with many writers who have now taken a stand against the BLF.

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India: Writers Quit Vikram Sampath’s Literature Fest Over Award Wapsi Row

Murmurs against Vikram Sampath, director of the Bangalore Literature Festival, are growing louder, with several writers and speakers withdrawing from its panels.

The festival, scheduled for December 5 and 6, brings to the city distinguished authors from across India.

Sampath, author of a book on the Mysore royalty and biographer of singer Gauhar Jan, has recently signed a letter with other historians and writers, accusing award returns as “hypocritical attempts to claim the moral high ground”. Read more

Bangalore Literature Festival to be held on December 5-6

Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF), the flagship literary event on the cultural calendar in the city, will be held from December 5 to 6.The fest will bring together nearly a hundred renowned persons from the world of literature, in various languages, both from India and abroad, author and BLF co-founder Vikram Sampath said.

Issues such as intolerance and return of awards by writers and artists are expected to find a resonance at the meet. Read more

U R Ananthamurthy, North East issues to hog limelight at Bangalore Literature Festival

It’s time for another edition of Bangalore Literature Festival! Starting today, literature buffs from across the city will make their way to Crowne Plaza to attend the three-day festival that has grown immensely popular. Now in its third edition, the BLF 2014 has been dedicated entirely to the memory of Karnataka’s literary giant U R Ananthamurthy. Read more

Big investors rush to back Bangalore Literature Festival

Investors backing hot startups are now turning their attention to backing culture in India’s technology capital. A number of them, including Manipal Group’s Mohandas Pai and Infosys’ former CEOs Kris Gopalakrishnan and SD Shibulal, are providing seed money for the Bangalore Literature Festival.

Mindtree founder Subroto Bagchi, Sangita Jindal, Biocon’s Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and Rohini Nilekani, chairperson of Arghyam, are other noteworthy names in this set of 53 individuals or ‘Friends of BLF’. Read more

I wish I hadn’t listened to Rushdie: Writer William Dalrymple

Writer William Dalrymple recounts the difficulties he faced over the years in Jaipur lit fest at BLF.

Dalrymple bristled at a question put to him asking if the controversies at JLF had been planted by the organisers themselves to gain attention. In fact, they had done their best to avoid controversy last year by leaving out Salman Rushdie’s name from the schedule of speakers for the festival. But Rushdie would have none of that: “I don’t want to be like a white rabbit coming out a hat. So put out my name in the list,” he told Dalrymple.  Read more

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