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India: Nitish Kumar government plans literature festival focusing on women

By Santosh Singh

The Nitish Kumar government is planning a “Gender Literature Festival” in Patna, where writers from across the world will be invited to discuss women-centric issues. The three-day festival, beginning April 7, is being organised by the Gender Resource Centre under the Women Development Corporation of the Bihar Social Welfare Department. The event is in line with the state government’s bid to consolidate the women constituency. The government has taken several initiatives in this direction, such as 50 per cent reservation for women in panchayats and local bodies, 35 per cent reservation for women in government jobs, school uniforms, bicycles, scholarship schemes, targeting creation of 10 lakh self-help groups and imposing prohibition of liquor.

Writers, mostly women, will be invited to the literature festival to discuss gender equity, discrimination and challenges and opportunities for women. A session will be devoted to transgender and LGBT issues as well. Asian Development Research Centre member secretary Shaibal Gupta, who is a member of the advisory committee for the festival, told The Indian Express: “We are trying to get top-grade women writers from across the world. We will also call male writers who have written extensively on women’s issues.” Read more

Source: The Indian Express

Review: Single Man by Sankarshan Thakur

SinglemanRereading the latest political biography of the Bihar chief minister in the middle of a contentious general ele­c­tion prompts some serious reflection on the nature of leadership. It is said that the one who leads the orchestra must turn his back to the crowd. But politics is unlike conducting an orchestra and a political leader, more often than not, swims with the tide. Nitish Kumar comes across as a leader who ignores the crowd, rising above it and often swimming against the tide. Does that make him a good or a bad leader, the reader is left wondering. Read more

Review: Single Man: The Life and Times of Nitish Kumar of Bihar by Sankarshan Thakur

Sankarshan Thakur’s biography of Nitish Kumar is also an intimate portrait of Bihar, a state you may be forced out of but cannot really ever leave: Open

Singleman‘Patna is not a nice place to be.’

It is not easy to write about a place you don’t want to live in anymore, yet return to. You describe its ugliness with fondness. You sought, forever, to escape it. Yet Sankarshan Thakur, roving editor with The Telegraph and author of Subaltern Saheb: Bihar and the Making of Laloo Yadav, returned to Bihar to profile Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in Single Man and the change that everyone is talking about. And this is a richer book for the author’s decision to join that narrative and position himself within it.

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