EFW 2015 Cover 18 Aug 2015 Front OnlyWhat happens when art meets literature? At the Singapore Writers Festival, Eye/Feel/Write will launch its second installment, with the publication of a beautiful anthology, titled “Eye/Feel/Write: Experiments in Ekphrasis”, as well as curated walking tours at The National Gallery.

A special commission by the National Arts Council, Eye/Feel/Write is a two-year ekphrastic project that has invited distinguished writers in Singapore to pen texts inspired by artworks exhibited at museums here. In the first year, ten writers — Alvin Pang, Edwin Thumboo, Isa Kamari, Jollin Tan, Joshua Ip, Ovidia Yu, Ramanathan Vairavan, Robin Hemley, Tan Chee Lay, and Yeow Kai Chai — created texts that dialogued with artworks at Singapore Art Museum’s Medium at Large exhibit. Ten poems were printed on broadsides as limited edition collectibles, housed in blank journals with an invitation to readers to engage in their own ekphrastic experiments.

Ovidya_ pictureOvidia Yu can surely be counted as one of Singapore’s most prolific writers. After writing more than 30 plays over 20 years, Ovidia Yu wrote her first children’s book, The Mudskipper, which was shortlisted for the Scholastic Asian Book Award and the Hedwig Anuar Book Award, and Aunty Lee’s Delights, a Singapore murder mystery published by William Morrow last September. The sequel, Aunty Lee’s Deadly Special, will be published in Fall 2014.

Ovidia spared some time for this Kitaab interview between edits:

Tell us about your early life. When did you get attracted to writing?

I fell in love with writing when I fell in love with reading. It was all part of the same thing. After finishing books I loved I would be writing sequels to continue the adventures I had enjoyed. I used to illustrate them too!

The three controversial titles will be pulped in accordance to library policy for withdrawn books, the National Library Board said on Thursday (July 10): Channel News Asia

PenguinThe National Library Board (NLB) on Thursday (July 10) said that the three titles it had withdrawn, which were reported to have content that was not pro-family, will not be reinstated.

The three book titles are: And Tango Makes Three, The White Swan Express, and Who’s In My Family. NLB’s decision to stick with its original action came despite two petitions that surfaced online, and feedback from members of the public.