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The Fragrance City by San Lin Tun

An experimental narrative from Myanmar


A city is emitting fragrance without a reason — such a sweet, soothing smell! People living in this city behave like bees. They go hurriedly, work fast, eat quickly, sleep less, do not gamble, quarrel less, and laugh a lot. The city is very beautiful and splendid. It has spacious parks, tall trees, perfect housing, clean air and is plastic free. The residents enjoy their lives to the fullest. Children can play happily at all times and everywhere lost in wonder — as if they were in a perpetual Disneyland. Peace and harmony reigns supreme. The city is charming and stately. Even big cities like Paris, New York, Venice, Sidney or Tokyo cannot compete in beauty and grandeur to the fragrant city.

The residents are very hardworking, energetic, and ambitious. Also, they do not much care about any politics, even, social, and economic matters. They are only focused on attaining satisfaction in life. They tend to do what they think is right — informally and independently. They have no worries over food, cloth, and shelter. They have plenty. The system is very good; there are no hurdles that need to be overcome in everyday life. The long term plans provided by the government are perfect. They welcome any immigrants who come to this city heartily. Food is abundant, people are sweet, and places are nice and fanciful.

They communicate with each other using their special olfactory lingua franca. Only the city dwellers can understand. They just only have to conjure ideas which travel like waves. These waves spread from their brains and touch another person’s skin or any part of the body, they can accept the waves and decipher the meaning. They do not have to exert to make a sentence. They do not have to speak like us or worry about knowing a language. They can communicate with each other easily. Read more

Myanmar: Report on Hidden Words, Hidden Worlds Symposium, Yangon

Ethnic Chin writer Stephen Ni Kio

Ethnic Chin writer Stephen Ni Kio

Kitaab’s Editor-at-Large for Myanmar Lucas Stewart’s report on ‘Hidden Words, Hidden Worlds Symposium: Dialogues on Ethnic Nationality Literature’  (13th and 14th March 2015, Yangon, Myanmar)

Confirming facts on just about anything in Myanmar is like reading a book in the dark – challenging. Yet, last weekend probably saw the first nationwide literature event with a focus on ethnic nationality literature in Myanmar.

Decades of military rule, pervasive censorship polices and poor communication and transport infrastructure have essentially created two literary spheres in Myanmar, those that exist in Yangon and those elsewhere with very little knowledge or interaction between the two. The Hidden Words Hidden Worlds Symposium sought to bring those spheres a little bit closer with the beginning of a dialogue on literature in languages from around Myanmar     Read more

‘House of Literature’ to open in Yangon

Norway’s Hedda Foundation is joining forces with Myanmar’s literary associations to establish the “House of Literature”, the first of its kind in Myanmar and Asia: The Nation

The literary organisation will house literary associations and book clubs, hosts book launches, literary talks and workshop and organises writing fellowship programmes.

With sponsorship by the Hedda Foundation and some Norwegian organisations, the literary centre will also get full support from the Myanmar Writers Association, Myanmar Poets Union, and Myanmar Literature Development Committee.

“The aim of establishing the House of Literature is to designate a place for the literary world and writers in Myanmar,” said writer Pe Myint, a member of the Myanmar Literature Development Committee.