Queer erotica makes its way to bookstores

The country`s increasingly visible homosexual community is coming forward with fantasies of queer love and they have managed to express their views on erotic love through literature. Indian society has come a long way in accepting people who are differently oriented with a first ever book on erotic queer love making its way to book stores. “Twenty years ago such kind of literature was hardly seen in the India markets. With section 377 of the India Penal Code abolished for adults who consent to same sex activity, literature on queer love is also making its way in a big way,” says Urvashi Butalia, Director, Zubaan Publishing. Butalia, was present at the launch of “Close, too Close”, a book on queer erotica says even though the Indian society has come a long way in accepting differently oriented people in terms of literature it has only just started to signal that it is soon going to make progressive change in this context.

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