Excerpt: Bombay Girl by Kavita Daswani

Written by Kavita Daswani, ‘Bombay Girl’ is a story of Sohana Badshah, who has led a charmed existence – carefree, wealthy and from a close-knit family (at least as far she knows). And then she moves to London on a whim to pursue an interior design course, where she meets and falls passionately in love with Jagdish Sachdev – he of the compassionate heart and matchless brains.

But Jag leaves her, citing irreconcilable differences between their families.

Sohana returns home to the news that the business empire her grandfather had built over the years will wind up either in the hands of the highest bidder or with the grandson (but of course) who shows the most mettle. As her brothers race to inherit the business, Sohana is wooed, and her ethics and loyalties tested.

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