Monideepa Sahu’s book for children, Riddle of the Seventh Stone

“Adventures need not happen in Hogwarts or Percy Jackson’s land of immortals,” says Monideepa Sahu, who set out to write a different kind of children’s book several years ago. With the idea of setting a fantasy right here in the city, inspired in particular by the pete area after having explored the locality for a newspaper story, Monideepa’s Riddle of the Seventh Stone was born.

A delightful and entertaining peep into the parallel universe of pests, the novel features the old city like you’ve never seen it. With Rishabh the rat and Shashee the spider who find out all of a sudden that they can turn into children by day and go back to being vermin by night, the book takes you on a tour of the area’s bustling commercial spots and historic monuments from the perspective of awestruck children as well as the seemingly insignificant pests that have the run of the city after dark.

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