Saba Naqvi on her first book, In Good Faith

What motivated you to write this book?

The primary thing that motivates me is my journalism, my political views, my sense of curiosity and not a religious identity. I am privileged and am not a victim of anything. But I can see it happening to others. I travelled for two years for my fieldwork (1993-94) and wrote the book this year. What I would have written at that time would have been little reports. Now I have been able to give it some shape and perspective.

You grew up in a Christian-Muslim family, yet the Muslim identity seems to have played a stronger role. Why?

I was always identified by others as a Muslim because of my name. When I saw the kind of polarisation that was happening around Muslim issues and identity, I became as Muslim as it was possible for someone like me. It happened along the journey. The book has been a fascinating journey of how identities come to be formulated, imposed by others and the politics of the country.

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