Poetry from everywhere

FractalsFractals brings together over 300 new and select earlier poems from Sudeep Sen’s internationally acclaimed oeuvre spanning thirty-five years, 1978 to 2013, as well as some of his translations.

The title has been chosen with care. Earlier collections built around themes such as Rain, Ladakh, Blue Nude, Geographies, Postmarked India, when combined with his latest work reveal elements which recur. Equally, the term fractals defined variously in science and mathematics and general terms, highlights Sen’s own interest in art, science and patterns scattered through nature.

 The central ‘self’-similarity, or fractal, of course is the poet’s own sensibility. In a fine early poem, ‘Inside Closed Eyes…’, describing a woman at a graveyard ‘With eyes closed, hands clasped, body wrapped in dark linen/kneeling, she prays long, silently, alone’ Sen creates the impression of an incorporeal presence observing the scene, by slipping in the words ‘no one else alive’. And it is this presence, even when burdened with the body’s physicality, illness—as in the later prose-poems of ‘BodyText’, that imbibes the poetic sap nourishing all life, rejoicing always in the power of words to become poetry.

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