Hanif Kureishi novel echoes life of VS Naipaul

1302900g  The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival,The plot for the new novel by Hanif Kureishi is startlingly similar to the real-life meetings between VS Naipaul and his biographer Patrick French, says Judith Walekala in The Telegraph.

Hanif Kureishi’s new novel bears an uncanny resemblance to the story behind Patrick French’s 2008 biography of Nobel Prize-winner VS Naipaul.

The Last Word is due for release in February 2014. In a promotional video released by publisher Faber and Faber, Kureishi gave an insight into the novel’s plotline.

“It’s mostly about two men,” he said. “An older Indian writer, a man in his early seventies and a younger man [in his] early thirties, a white Englishman, who goes to write his biography”.

Kureishi elaborated: “Mahmoon is an older Indian writer, very very successful who’s travelled, written novels and essays, plays and so on, and there’s a young man, very nervous, who comes to confront him.

“Then there’s Mahmoon’s wife, a really extravagant, crazy Italian woman, rather confined in the country but who is really good fun, and with whom our hero Harry strikes up a real friendship”.

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