China is Liao Yiwu’s ‘nightmare’

LiaoYiwuInterview with Chinese author and dissident Liao Yiwu in DW

Chinese author and dissident Liao Yiwu, who has lived in Germany since 2011, spoke with DW about his new book, Chinese society and the winner of Nobel Prize in Literature Mo Yan.

DW: Your new book titled “The Dongdong Dancer and the Cook from Sichuan” is a collection of interviews with people from the fringe of Chinese society. It is thus similar to your first book published in German under the title “Fräulein Hallo und der Bauernkaiser” (English: Miss Hello and the Emperor Farmer). What compelled you to continue with this idea?

Liao Yiwu: I have been doing this work for years. The first book, which made me popular in the West, was about important people from the past. There are many older people in it. My new book, on the other hand, is very topical. It is about things which are happening now. Both books, for example, have a chapter on a prostitue.

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