March 28, 2023


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Excerpts from Legacy by Sudha Menon

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About the book

Journalist and author Sudha Menon says being mother to a 21-year-old daughter was one of main reasons she was inspired to write Legacy. While she herself grew up in an age where parents raised children on their own and brought them up with a set of values, she worries that today’s generation does not have that privilege.

Children learnt values and life lessons from watching their parents and other elders but nuclear families, working parents and a generation of people hooked to various gadgets and social networking devices has meant that there is no time for the gentle handle-holding that helped my generation to chart our own course in life, muses the author.

“My little girl has grown up into a lovely 21-year old whose world is thickly populated with friends on Facebook, Whatsapp and every other social networking avenue possible. She has no time to look up from the various screens on which her eyes are riveted and I ache to tell her to treasure the moments with me because we never know when life steps in to disrupt our well-laid plans.

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