Hay Dhaka: “Is There a World Literature?”

Pankaj Mishra
Pankaj Mishra

Pankaj Mishra and Eliot Weinberger discuss world literature at Hay Festival, Dhaka: The Daily Star

While the lawns of Bangla Academy soaked in the early winter sun’s glory, curtains to the Hay Festival rose with an insightful session, titled “Is there a World Literature?”, featuring Pankaj Mishra and Eliot Weinberger. K Anis Ahmed welcomed the audience to the first session of the day, right after the inaugural.Hay Dhaka’s centerpiece is the literature of this country, of this world, and how both of them merge, turn into one, and still retain their identities to create a kaleidoscope of cultures, traditions, values and of course, art. The session was a reflection on the evolution of literature through centuries, revolutions and social changes. While Ahmed posed and acknowledged questions and contradictions regarding the mobility of literature across borders and how it has influenced the general populace’s perspectives on literature and shaped our styles of writing, Weinberger and Mishra shared their own accounts and opinions to answer and further elaborate on these phenomena and cultural shifts.

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